Republican online seminar on " Organization, conduct of final certification and use of the demoexam format in TVET organizations»


On may 21, 2020, the educational and methodological Association "Nefte-GAZ" on the basis of the Mangistau industrial and technical College named after O. Turmaganbetuly held a Republican online seminar on the topic "Organization, conduct of final certification and use of the demo exam format in TVET organizations»

The seminar was attended by representatives of nao "Talap", Republican educational and methodical associations, educational and methodical Cabinet of the Mangistau region, JSC" Ozenmunaygas","Ozenenergoneft".

The purpose of the Republican online seminar is to generalize, disseminate experience and introduce a demonstration exam in TVET organizations.

The online workshop covered the following issues:

- conducting intermediate and final certification in the context of distance learning;

- recommendations and experience in conducting demonstration exams in the process of intermediate and final state certification;

- conducting a demonstration exam according to WorldSkills standards;

- interaction between employers and educational organizations.

The seminar was opened by D. K. Yakubova, Deputy head for NMR of the Oil-gas training Association. moderator D. K. Yakubova highlighted the program and importance of the seminar.

The following issues were considered and discussed during the workshop:

- introduction of the system of proctoring of intermediate and final certification in the educational process in the conditions of distance learning;

- mechanisms for implementing the demonstration exam;

- effectiveness of the demonstration exam for employers;

- the main difficulties in conducting a demo exam.